6th Grade Band

6th Grade Band Welcome

Eastwood 5th Grade Parents,

I write to you with great anticipation. This is the beginning of what will be a life changing experience for your son or daughter. Everything to do with being a member of the Eastwood Band Program is in front of them. This is very exciting because they have the opportunity to embark on a 7 year journey that will give them the gift of music, change with friends with whom they socialize and teach them how to be active members and positive leaders in the largest school organization.

Some of you were in band, but some of you have no idea about band, or what value it holds in your son or daughter's education. Here are some comments from current Eastwood Band parents.

"All three of my kids have been in band and in each of them I saw growth and development from a leadership role. I know they all learned the value of each doing their part for the benefit of the whole. It has also been a great experience to see each of them excel in their musical talents in their own way and to develop true friendships and memories that last throughout high school."

Denise Bolton - Melissa '13, Tony '15, Emily '19

"Being in band allowed my daughter to become part of a big family of high schoolers which made her transition to her freshman year so much easier. She has made awesome, quality friends through band."

Sarah Ramirez - Melinda '21

'"Being in band has given my son and daughter so much. Not only the knowledge of music but confidence, friendships that typically wouldn't happen, leadership opportunity, structure, learning how to depend on others, pushing themselves because knowing others count on them, experience in performances, endurance, how go beyond what they thought they were capable of."

Diane Trabbic - Avery '17, Sheldyn '19

This video showcases parents talking about the first year band experience. I highly recommend you watch this, especially the ending. Here is a slide show

During the week of February 26th, your son or daughter will hear demonstrations in general music class about the different instruments they can play in band. They will have the opportunity to tryout any instruments they would like to play in 6th grade band. After they have chosen an instrument that best fits them, I will be in contact with you about getting an instrument so they are ready for next year.

Throughout this process, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you in the coming weeks, and being a part of this amazing opportunity for your son or daughter.


Brian Myers

Director of Bands

Slides - Myers