8th Grade Band

2023-24 Course Syllabus and Band Booster Information -  last page contract due August 24

7th Grade Band Playing Tests, 2023-24

Test Assigned Test/Due Date

September 11 September 18

October 16      October 23

November 13 November 20(recorded)

January 3        January 9

February 5       February 12

March 11        March 18 (recorded)

April 15          April 22

May 13        May 20

Grades will be based on tone quality, notes, rhythm, articulation, dynamics and tempo.

Practice Journal Due Dates, 2023-24

Please see the back of the Practice Journal for specific instructions. Due dates are all Fridays.


September 15

October 20

November 17

January 5

February 9

March 15

April 19

May 17

Practice Journals are due the Friday before a playing test. Due dates also are listed on the far right column of the Practice Journal.

Spelling Major Scales with the Circle of 4ths

Tradition of Excellence Method Book Listening Examples

SOE #2 Rig A Gig Gig, American Folk Song (history)

SOE #6 Pat-a-pan, French Carol

SOE #13 My Partner and I, Swedish Folk Dance

SOE #17 Tumbalalaika, Jewish Folk (Love) Song (lyrics)

SOE #22 The British Grenadiers, English Folk Song

SOE #26 Green Grow the Rashes O, Scottish Folk Song

SOE #28 Bonnie Glen Shee, Scottish Folk Song

SOE #31 La Raspa, Mexican Folk Song

SOE #33 Londonderry Air, Irish Folk Song (Muppet version)

SOE #37 Arirang, Korean Folk Song

SOE #42 Tinga Layo, West Indies Folk Song

SOE #43 Hwi Ne Ya He, American Indian Song (Native American Flute example)

SOE #45 Envoyons D'L'Avant, Nos Gens!, French Canadian Folk Song

THE MIDDLE AGES (400-1400)

SOE #46 Confirma Hoc, Plainsong (example)

SOE #47 Descendit de Coelis, Notre Dame Organum

SOE #48 Estampie

SOE #49 Sumer Is Icumen In, English Round


SOE #51 Voc Dilecti Mei, Palestrina

SOE #53 The Official Branle, Thoinot Arbeau

SOE #54 Old One Hundredth, Louis Bourgeois

SOE #55 Now is the Month of Maying

SOE #57 Bergerette Sans Roche, Tielman Susato

SOE p.15 Earle of Oxford's Marche, William Byrd


SOE #62 Trumpet Tune, Henry Purcell

SOE #63 Le Petit Rien, Francois, Couperin

SOE #66 Allemande, Arcangelo Corelli

SOE #67 Spring from the Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi

SOE #68 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Johann Sebastian Bach

SOE #69 Chorale, Hans Leo Hassler

SOE #70 Hornpipe from Water Music Suite, George Frideric Handel

SOE #72 Fantasia Chromatica, Johann Sebastian Bach

SOE #75 Minuetto, Domenico Scarlatti

SOE #76 Passepied, George Philipp Telemann

SOE #77 Siciliana from Music for the Royal Fireworks, George Frideric Handel

SOE p.20 Rejouissance from Music for the Royal Fireworks, George Frideric Handel


SOE #79 Theme from Piano Sonata No. 2, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

SOE #80 German Dance, Franz Joseph Haydn

SOE #82 Larghetto from Sonatina, Ludwig van Beethoven

SOE #83 Austrian Hymn, Franz Joseph Haydn

SOE #84 Russian Folk Song, Ludwig van Beethoven

SOE #87 Scotch Dance, Ludwig van Beethoven

SOE #89 Theme from Symphony No. 40, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

SOE p.24 Rondo, Franz Joseph Haydn


SOE #91 Cast Thy Burden from Elijah, Felix Mendelssohn

SOE #94 Hungarian Dance No. 5, Johannes Brahms

SOE #95 Scheherazade, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

SOE #96 Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus, Johann Strauss, Jr.

SOE #97 Fire Festival Polka, Josef Strauss

SOE #101 Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser, Richard Wagner

SOE #102 Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition, Modeste Mussorgsky

SOE #105 The Wild Horseman, Robert Schumann

SOE p.29 Walz, Opus 39, No. 15, Johannes Brahms

SOE #108 Theme from Symphony No. 5, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky


SOE #110 Pavane, Gabriel Faure

SOE #112 Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Claude Debussy

SOE #113 The Sunken Cathedral, Claude Debussy

SOE #114 Bela Bartok, nationalism example - 

SOE #115 Igor Stravinsky, primativism example - 

SOE #117 Golliwog's Cake Walk from Children's Corner, Claude Debussy

SOE #118 Anton Webern, tone row example - 

SOE p.33 War from the Four Horsemen, Andrew Boysen

SOE #122 Charles Ives, bitonal example - 


SOE #124 Semper Fidelis, John Philip Sousa

SOE #125 The Easy Winners, Scott Joplin

SOE #129-131 Bb Blues play along track

SOE #133 1950s Rock and Roll example - 

What's Opera, Doc? (SOE #101)